Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Legislative Alert: Big Cuts Are Coming and Congress Has No Plan. Please Act Now!


Take Action. Now!

Legislative Alert: Big Cuts Are Coming and Congress Has No Plan. Please Act Now!

Are you prepared for Medicare to cut your fees 30 percent come Jan. 1? If not, read on.

It is looking more likely that Congress and President Obama will not reach an agreement to prevent an enormity of cuts from taking effect come January. Physicians will not only be hit with a 26.5 percent cut from Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), but it is in addition to a 2 percent Medicare cut from sequestration. To make matters worse, it is not only physicians’ Medicare payments at risk, but Medicare payments to hospitals and GME teaching programs, NIH grants, primary care physician scholarships, loan forgiveness, and much more.

To view programs that will be impacted, visit here.

Unless, that is . . . ACP Advocates help us get ACP’s message to Congress—and quickly! Please call Congress immediately and ask them to:

•    Stop the nearly 30 percent cuts in Medicare physician payments scheduled for January.
•    If your legislators agree that the cuts should not go into effect, ask them what their plan is to avert the cuts.
•    Urge them to enact a fiscally-responsible alternative that prevents the scheduled cuts in physicians’ payments and provides sufficient funding to train more primary care physicians, conduct research, protect public health and safety, and prevent and control disease.

We sent a Legislative Alert in Sep., Oct. and Nov., but Congress has heard very little from physicians and medical students. Please take action right now and call your Members of Congress immediately.

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In addition to urging immediate action from your legislators, ACP encourages you to begin discussions with your financial and practice managers about coping with an impending 30 percent cut. Unlike previous times when Congress allowed SGR cuts to go into effect and then later reversed them before Medicare claims were processed, this time is different.

(1) The cut is much bigger
(2) It is tied up in the mammoth disagreement between Congress and President Obama on tax and spending priorities, and
(3) January brings a brand new Congress, which only has a few legislative days available in January to legislate before the full impact is felt.

For further guidance on how to prepare your practice for these cuts, please visit ACP’s “Running a Practice” site.

Thank you for your continued advocacy.

Jolynne M. Flores
Supervisor Grassroots Advocacy & PAC
American College of Physicians
(202) 261-4532

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